We turn your CUSTOMER SUPPORT into

We make an enterprise grade chatbot to automates your customer engagement and self-service. Here’s how...

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What can Mojito do?

We automatically understand and resolve customer issues and analyze insights.

Natural Language Understanding Natural Language Understanding
Automatic Decision Making Automatic Decision Making
Integrate with existing system Integrate with your existing system
Ability to learn overtime Ability to learn overtime
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End-to-end Service and Solution

Good chatbot comes from deep understanding of user behaviour, cutting edge technology and unwavering business direction. Our service offers 3 of these pillars and we will work directly with you in order to build chatbot of highest quality.

End to end service


Fully Support Local Language

Our technology is adaptable to understand and analyze the local language.

Support local language


Gain Insight from Chatbot Analytic

We provide not only engagement tool for your customers but also analytic tool that you can use to monitor and measure your bot performance so you can improve the effectiveness of your bot's response.

Gain insight from analytics


Integration with social media monitoring tool

The agent can take over chat sessions at any time to lead the conversation and drive conversion.

Integrating with social media


Domain Expertise

We have more than 10 years of direct experience in software development for big enterprises. We understand how to integrate with any of your backend systems.

Domain Expertise

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